Spring of Water Christian Assembly is a church that was grown out of a vision. The vision was given by God to our Pastor and Founder, Rev. Ronald Stephenson, on Sunday, June 10th, 2001, at a time when he was prayerfully seeking the Lord, concerning the Call that God had on his life for ministry. In a solitary place after much prayer and fasting and with deep meditation, God revealed His vision to pastor Ron, by taking him to Isaiah chapter 58. It was from Isaiah 58 VS 11, that God also revealed the name for the new church, that God called Pastor Ron to go and plant in the Town of Randolph, MA. In obedience, Pastor Ron and his wife Sis. Sonia Stephenson, responded to the call and the vision from God, by immediately gathering a handful of people to pray with him, and to assist him with the planting of the new church.

On Sunday November4, 2001 with a small group of well wisher’s, family and friends, Spring of Water Christian Assembly was started at the Holiday Inn Hotel, 1374 North Main Street, Randolph MA 02368. Despite the inconvenience of lugging equipment in and out of the Hotel each week and being bounced around from room to room, the church grew at a steady pace. In addition to gaining new members, the church became a worship center for many of the Hotel’s guests and employees. During this time the church developed its identity as a strong bible based church, where people loved God and each other.

The plan was to remain in the hotel for two years, during which time we would raise some funds towards leasing or renting a building. God however had other plans for us and so in 15 months we found a more permanent space in a building at 90 Pleasant Street in Randolph, where we are currently located. The move to 90 Pleasant Street, Randolph, MA, took place on April 6, 2003, with a motorcade from the Holiday Inn to the new building. This was symbolic of the Children of Israel marching towards the promise land. Our new location which was made ready, by several members of our church, was on the second floor of the building. Not only was the space warm, but it was inviting. Sunday after Sunday we felt the power of God move strongly in our midst, as souls were saved, people were healed, and backsliders came back to God. The expansion of our ministry continued as new ministries were added. The next three years saw a gradual increase in membership and in preparation for the growth that was taking place additional space was sought in the building for a new sanctuary. Space was found on the first floor of the building, which we renovated for our new sanctuary. With the capacity to seat 150 people we dedicated the new sanctuary to the Lord, on April 22, 2007.

With the new sanctuary came additional expense to the ministry because we now had three suites amounting to $6000.00 in rent at 90 Pleasant Street. Business wise we should have given up the old sanctuary space upstairs when we moved down stairs but instead we kept the space and made it our Youth Room. This investment paid off not financially but spiritually because we saw Spiritual, and numeric growth amongst our Youth and Young Adults. God in a miraculous way granted us financial favor to pay the enormous overhead we were carrying as renters in this building.

church1An investment was made in a Baptism pool, as Baptisms were taking place on a regular basis. Because of this more ministries and members were added to the church. The need to acquire our own building to house our Church and School became more and more a reality. After five years of praying, fasting and establishing a building fund the Lord open a door for us to purchase a building at our current location which is 374 North Main Street, in Randolph, MA.

The building which was a Jewish Temple has now been renovated to accommodate our new sanctuary. We also have enough space on the property to put up a new school building. To be able to do this we are seeking God for additional members who want to help build up the kingdom of God here in Randolph, and who have a heart to provide Christian Education to children and parents living in Boston South Shore. Please pray for us as we plan to start on this new project in the next two to three years. We are a church with a mission to make Christ known in Randolph and surrounding Communities and to help people realize and strive to reach their full potential in God, and so we welcome you to our church, if you do not have a church home, if you recently moved into our community, or if you want to share in the vision by being a partner, donor, regular supported or as an associated member.